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"Explore the infinite wonders of creative freedom"


Conceived and founded by Doranda Mwende Martin, The CreArtive Freedom Family was born on February 10, 2020. It is a creative exploratory and development "lab" where the boundless imagination is guided through our 5 step process: 




We encourage the imagination to travel through this process in the effort to develop new and exciting dimensions to the ever expanding universe of creativity, or to add your distinct touch to a creative dimension that has already been established. Through this process, we seek continuous development and expansion as free, creative beings. Creativity is a crucial part of living. 


  • Vision: Freedom of the individual in realizing their purposed life through creative freedom. To amass a world-wide, bonded community of free creatives who maintain a healthy hunger for creative freedom, development, and exhibition. The unfiltered personal touch in creative living and giving. 


  • Purpose:  Freedom, creativity, Identity, and community is our purpose. These four experiences are critical elements of a full and healthy life. To see the distinct identity outside of the lens of external standards, valuation, and opinions, and develop a deep awareness of and unwavering love for it. 

  • Mission: The CFF will support the free and holistic well-being of the distinct individual through facilitating the exploration, discovery, examination, development, and ruthless exhibition of the divine identity through creativity. 

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